Tiger Collection
Our tiger collection bathroom fittings are especially designed for modern-day needs. They show great concepts like innovation, unique style and high-quality inputs. We offer contemporary bathroom solutions and better products. They create cherished bathing experiences.
Rise Collection
Our rise collection bathroom fittings are simple as well as classy. They are designed to offer both, unique style and convenience. These are high-quality products that improve the aesthetic appeal of your spaces. There are wide variety, practical design and affordable price.   
Bottle Trap
Bottle trap bathroom fittings are necessary elements for plumbing etc. They offer bathroom hygiene, practicality and aesthetics. They make a bathroom more functional and look great. Our unique line of bottle traps is great for many bathroom designs.
Splash Collection
Splash collection bathroom fittings are modern-day bathroom accessories. There is a modern design gamut with great practicality. The bathroom accessories are easy to install and long lasting. They are well-designed for the contemporary bathroom needs.   
Bathroom Fitting Accessories
Bathroom fittings and accessories are designed to make your bathroom organized, purposeful and refined. They are easy-to-install as well as durable. Also, they are great for all styles from modern to traditional. We offer innovative bath accessories and cost-effective solutions for your bathroom.    
Classic Collection
This classic collection of bathroom fittings is perfect for modern bath spaces. There are innovatively designed accessories to enhance the look and functionality of your bathroom. We always bring elegant, modern and affordable accessories. The products maintain a fresh and bold feel.  
Allied Items
Our bathroom fittings and allied items are great for modern bathroom needs. They are used for bathroom decor and functionality. Also, our bathroom accessories are suited for contemporary to traditional spaces. There is a comprehensive variety with reasonable pricing.  

Lorex Collections
Lorex collections offer contemporary and practical bathroom solutions. They comprise innovative bathroom fittings with different designs & styles. Also, they make your space more efficient, hygienic and attractive. Our unique collections create impressive bath spaces. 
Flora Collections
Flora collections bathroom fittings are designed to be stylish, modern and compact. They are made from sturdy materials for long-term durability. Ideal for modern bathrooms, our bathroom accessories are simple to install and very convenient.
Aria Collections
Aria Collections make unique features in your bathroom. There are stylish, contemporary and efficient bathroom fittings. They show exquisite craftsmanship and high durability. Also, we maintain different designs, styles, and affordable rates.
King Collection
King collection bathroom fittings are perfect in terms of style, simplicity and utility. They are thoroughly designed to give a unique bathroom solution. There are elegant and modern fittings for your bathroom. They are made to be rust-resistant and durable.   
Rio Collections
Rio Collection is known for simple, smooth and modern designs. There are all-purpose bathroom fittings. We create elegant and serviceable fittings for contemporary bathrooms. They demonstrate sturdiness and sophistication, both. Also, our fittings are designed to suit any decor needs.        

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